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Professional Training Services

Innovative Development SolutionsHuman resource training and development is essential for any organization to achieve business growth and success in today's competitive world. Workforce trainings have gained paramount importance in improving employee's professional skills, ability and knowledge. Professional training helps organizations to increase the scope of their workforce responsibilities, developing soft skills and keeping their employees up-to-date with industry and technology updates.

Innovative Development Solutions (IDS) assist organizations in their human asset development and skill set improvement. We offer comprehensive training programs to maximize the potential of employee workforce. We conduct staff development trainings for team building, leadership, technical and soft skills.

IDS Training Process

1. Training Need Assessment: At first stage, we try to identify the gaps between workforce performance requirement and the actual performance. We also perform deep analysis of what organization is expecting from its employees and try to figure out the learning gaps. With the help these gaps, we become able to define training needs for an organization.

2. Define Training Objective: In second step, we identify the objectives of a particular training program. Need assessment helps us to target the learning gaps and define objectives because with clear set objectives, we can achieve optimal training performance.

3. Design Training Program: At third step, we perform complete analysis of trainer skills, motivation level and training methods required to be adopted. We design a comprehensive training program to attain the set objectives as per client needs.

4. Deliver Training Program: At fourth step, training session is ready to be in action. Our trainer executes training session in adequate environment conducive to learning. We use interactive approach which involves active participation and full engagement of trainees throughout the session.

5. Evaluate and Follow Up: At fifth step, we evaluate the training effectiveness with the help of participant feedback forms. We analyze training performance in terms of defined objectives. We also keep proper follow with our clients to monitor employees training benefits at their workplace.

IDS Trainer Expertise

IDS professional trainers have vast experience in designing and conducting trainings programs in the field of health, education, environment, culture and social problems. They are specialized in developing interest, increase engagement and interactive communication with participants. They possess strong analytical and advance research skills which prove them creative thinkers and strategic planners. They are passionate, motivational, good listener and perfect training facilitators.

Our training experts have practical experience in dealing with unexpected challenges & problems during training program and also have sound knowledge in management and implementation of a successful training program.

IDS Training Vision

Innovative Development Solutions (IDS) strongly believes that high quality professional trainings have significant impact on employee’s performance. Organizations can have boosted productivity and improved business growth with the help of quality trainings. We can help in skill development of their workforce which eventually brings organization cost efficiency, increased employee retention and better decision making.

We understand that substantial growth and sustainable success is a key objective of an organization which can only be achieved by increasing employee potential, developing creative skills and elevating their motivation level.

IDS team applies different systematic and comprehensive training methods to deliver top quality human development services with highest client satisfaction.