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Data Analysis Services

Innovative Development SolutionsData Analysis is a scientific technique of processing and transforming collected data into useable information to meet client’s explicit requirements. The main purpose of data analysis is to use the extracted information in decision making to achieve specific business objectives.

If your business is not growing, the best option is to get your business data and current processes evaluated with the help of data analysis, this gives organizations the opportunity to look into their strategic planning mistakes and lacking areas to improve and revise its planning, policies and procedures. And if your business is even growing, you always have a need to adopt a business forwarded approach and benefit from data analysis services in order to maintain and increase your growth level from small scale business to a large scale organization.

IDS Analysis Process:

Innovative Development Solutions works in four stages to develop your business data into thoughtful insights.

1. Define: At first, we analyze your data prerequisites. We define what specific analysis is your requirement and from what source that data can be gathered.

2. Collect: At second, we collect that specific data from your sources that may be business process flows, case studies, surveys, interviews, direct observations and focus groups.

3. Analyze: At this stage, we clean and organize the collected data. We perform scientific analysis with the help of tools and unique analysis techniques. We communicate that data in the form of texts, charts, tables and graphs.

4. Transform: In last, we transform your data into visualization graphically that is intelligible and easily understandable. We use charts, graphs, maps and bullet points to compare different data sets and derive conclusion of analysis.

IDS Analysis Techniques:

IDS apply one the following or multiple analysis methods at the same time to produce concrete and complete data analysis results.

1. Descriptive: In descriptive method, we describe statistics using quantitative technique to identify trends and relationship among the given data. We summarize numerical data through deviations and frequency dispersions.

2. Diagnostic: In diagnostic analysis, we tend to figure out the reasons of a specific happening over a time. We identify different data patterns and understand correlation and the existing challenges.

3. Predictive: Predictive method helps to identify the future events based on proposed trends from historical data. We help you to make predictions about future performance or specific trend.

4. Prescriptive: In prescriptive method, we use advance tools in analyzing data to advise recommendations and action plan to improve your business performance.

Why choose IDS?

Innovative Development Solutions helps to grow your business by increasing sales and reducing costs. IDS tactical analysis framework aids in understanding your customer, adopting well targeted strategies, and business plans in accordance with the vision and mission of your organization.

IDS data analysts are expert in using data cleaning and data visualization tools to develop and create customized analysis reports in the form of tables, charts, maps, graphs and other visual representations. We help your business explore unique data patterns and insights to develop future growth strategies using accurate and relevant informative data.