Innovative Development Solutions

Research Consultancy Services

Innovative Development SolutionsResearch consultancy is significantly important for organizations to get valid, accurate and relevant data from target population to improve their projects efficacies and performance. IDS completely understands the community behaviors and target audience profiles which enables to produce desired results and accomplish research objectives.

Innovative Development Solutions provides specialized research services in the fields of education, health, environment, management, culture and social issues. We deliver key findings analysis and research based insights to cater client’s specific research requirements.

We demonstrate comprehensive evaluations, assessments and impact analysis of a particular subject to serve the needs of all domestic and international, government and non government organizations, foundations and corporations. We also provide personalized guidance to understand and implement research recommendations to accomplish research objectives.

Our Research Methodology

IDS have developed a structured and planned research methodology that strives to produce well targeted results and in depth analysis. We clearly define research objectives by getting through what you want to know and how that information will be useful. It helps us to identify research goals and information needs.

After careful identification of research objective, we chalk out and formulate the metrics required to integrate the specific information. We also take benefit from historic trends and data before designing data collection, analysis and dissemination process. We utilize wide range of research techniques from base analysis to in depth interviews. We gather assessments from surveys through sampling procedure to understand the characteristics, attitudes and perceptions of the targeted population.

Our Research Expertise

Survey Design and Administration

IDS research experts adopt systematic approach in survey design to get the maximum information and data from survey research. We design and create questions short, open ended or close ended, realistic and simple, keeping the survey objective in mind. We also observe survey duration, demographics and medium of communication very carefully. We formulate detailed summary report based on the data trends and in depth insights.

Quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection

Our research analysts are expert in collecting primary data (client source based) and secondary data (other agencies, organizations or individuals). We use different data collection tools and methods depending upon the purpose of research, cost, timeline and available resources. Once we collect the desired data, we segregate it through quantitative and qualitative approach.

In quantitative method, we express data in the form of numbers, units, ratios, percentages and proportions. Quantitative approach is useful whilst targeting large number of population and respondents. It is beneficial in administration of close ended surveys, in-house trials and recording of specific events. However, qualitative approach is open, informal and flexible. It provides detailed information about experiences, behaviors, opinions and process descriptions. In this method, we evaluate data based on open-ended surveys & interviews, observations, case studies, focus group discussions, visual responses and oral communications.

Customized Research Reports

IDS creative research team has the ability to build custom research reports to meet our client’s specific requirements. Our custom reports are customer driven that extracts & express the exact desired information in the form of tables, charts and graphs. It gives comprehensive response to the specific questions that are established in research objective.

Innovative development solutions is renowned for its superlative project management in research industry, upholding strong foundations in terms of experienced research analysts, unique data management techniques and professional research administration.